On this Island

Taking inspiration from the British Isles, children explore how to create sounds to represent three contrasting landscapes: seaside, countryside and city. Through images and discussion, they develop an idea of what each of these places would sound like and then use this to create their own soundscapes.

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Lesson 1: British Seaside Sounds

Children learn to sing a traditional British folk song and create a seaside soundscape using their voices, bodies and instruments


Lesson 2: Countryside Sounds

After singing the folk song 'Lavender's Blue' pupils consider what they might see and hear in the British countryside, and perform a countryside soundscape


Lesson 3: Sounds of the City

After singing 'London Bridge is Falling Down' and using a city image as inspiration, children try to recreate the sounds they might hear in the city


Lesson 4: Structured Soundscape

Working in groups, pupils choose a setting (seaside, countryside or city) to compose their piece of music for


Lesson 5: Journey Through Britain

Pupils combine their learning from the previous lessons to compose a piece of music which takes them on a journey through Britain, from the seaside to the countryside to the city