Mechanical systems: Making a Pop-up Book

After choosing a simple story or nursery rhyme, children create a four-page pop-up storybook design. They will also add accompanying captions, incorporating a range of mechanisms and decorative features, including: structures, levers, sliders, layers and spacers

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Lesson 1: Pop-up book page design

Designing a pop-up book for a younger children. After choosing an appropriate story to base their pop-up book on, children draw out the pages, write the captions and specify the mechanisms they will use and the resulting movement they envisage


Lesson 2: Making my pop-up book

Children create the structure of their books, including the pop-up features, and begin to make their mechanisms


Lesson 3: Using layers and spacers

Continuing to complete their mechanisms from Lesson 2, children move on to securing these onto the pages and give their books a professional finish, using layers and spacers to hide the mechanisms


Lesson 4: Writing and Illustrating

Children add the finishing touches to their books, adding illustrations, colour and writing captions