Big Data 2

In this topic, children build upon their knowledge of how networks and the Internet are able to share information. They will learn how big data can be used to design smart buildings to improve efficiency, before designing their own smart schools. They will also explore the potential dangers of big data.

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Lesson 6: Transferring Data

Children learn how data can be transferred, taking part in an active simulation to demonstrate how data is sent in 'packets'

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Lesson 7: Data Usage

Children learn about the difference between WiFi and mobile data and investigate how much data different online activities use

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Lesson 8: The Internet of Things

Children develop their understanding of how the Internet of Things works and how it has led to Big Data

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Lesson 9: Designing a Smart School: Free lesson

Using their knowledge of Big Data and the Internet of Things, children design a system for a smart school

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Lesson 10: Smart School Presentation

Children present their ideas for a turning a school into a smart school and consider whether using this data could create any privacy issues

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