French transport

Take your children on an adventure! Through this Transport topic, children can imagine they are off on holiday while they develop vital skills which they can apply in numerous different contexts: deciphering new vocabulary through a knowledge of cognates, swapping parts of questions and statements to build an understanding of sentence structure, spotting sounds and perfecting their punctuation.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: French transport language detectives

Children can use their language detective skills to recognise cognates and near cognates to help them figure out what new vocabulary might mean


Lesson 2: How shall we travel in France?

What’s a fun way of getting to grips with sentence structure while incorporating new vocabulary? Through song!


Lesson 3: On the road in France

Using stimulating images, children spot different modes of transport in city scenes before creating a short paragraph to describe a scene


Lesson 4: Travel the French speaking world

Learning about the different countries where French is spoken, children describe how the modes of transport taken to travel and consolidate their understanding by playing Connect 4!


Lesson 5: Journey to a French school

Children learn about the varied ways in which children across the world travel to school, before conducting a class survey in French and analysing the results


Presentation: Key Vocabulary and Pronunciation - Transports - Lessons 1-5

Open in presentation mode and click on the dots to hear the sound recordings in French