Wellbeing: Key Stage 1

Authored by educationalists and mental health specialists, Kapow Primary's lessons and teacher videos help pupils develop good mental health habits and equip teachers with information about the more prevalent mental health conditions.

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Our wellbeing lessons are based upon six themes which are revisited in each year group: Wonderful Me!, People Around Me, Meaning and Purpose, Resilience, Health body; Healthy Mind and Relaxation. There is no charge to sign up to our wellbeing module.

Year 1

Wellbeing: My world

Developing good mental health habits; learning about ourselves and exploring what different emotions are and how we can respond to these feelings.

Year 2

Wellbeing: Looking out

Developing awareness and understanding of other people’s feelings and emotions, investigating strategies for dealing with difficult situations and emotions and learning about growth mindset.

Full RSE and PSHE scheme of work

As well as our free wellbeing module, we have a full scheme of work covering all relevant requirements for RSE and PSHE.   If you would like to try this subscription content free of charge for seven days, please sign up for a no-obligation free trial.