RSE and PSHE KS2 years 3 and 4

Pupils learn about families and relationships and physical health and mental wellbeing. The issue of influence and choice is explored and understanding of online safety is further developed. Pupils learn basic first aid and are introduced to puberty.

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Units can be taught in any order but we recommend starting each year with the introductory lesson

Year 3

Introduction: Setting ground rules for RSE & PSHE lessons

A stand-alone introductory lesson outlining RSE & PSHE as a subject and exploring how to create a successful learning environment for these lessons

Y3 Family and relationships

Learning: how to resolve relationship problems; effective listening skills and about non-verbal communication. Looking at the impact of bullying and what action can be taken; exploring trust and who to trust and that stereotyping can exist

Y3 Health and wellbeing

Understanding that a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity, a balanced diet, and rest and relaxation; exploring identity through groups we belong to, and how our strengths can be used to help others; learning how to solve problems by breaking them down into achievable steps.

Y3 Safety and the changing body

Learning about: cyberbullying and how to be good digital citizens; first aid, bites and stings and how to be safe near roads. Pupils also think about choices and influence

Y3 Citizenship

Learning about children’s rights; exploring why we have rules and the roles of local community groups, charities and recycling and an introduction to local democracy

Y3 Economic wellbeing

Introduction to creating a budget and learning about: the different ways of paying, the emotional impact of money, the ethics of spending and thinking about potential jobs and careers

Year 3: Transition lesson

Helping Year 3 pupils prepare for the transition to Year 4 and the changes that come with this

Year 4

Introduction: Setting ground rules for RSE & PSHE lessons

A stand-alone introductory lesson outlining RSE & PSHE as a subject and exploring how to create a successful learning environment for these lessons

Y4 Families and relationships

Learning that families are varied and differences must be respected; understanding physical and emotional boundaries in friendships; exploring: the roles of bully, victim and bystander; how behaviour affects others; manners in different situations and learning about bereavement

Y4 Health and wellbeing

Developing emotional maturity; learning that we experience a range of emotions and are responsible for these; appreciating the emotions of others; developing a growth mindset; identifying calming and relaxing activities; developing independence in dental hygiene

Y4 Safety and the changing body

Building awareness of online safety and the benefits and risks of sharing information online; identifying the difference between private and public; age restrictions; exploring the physical and emotional changes in puberty; the risks associated with tobacco; knowing how to help someone with asthma

Y4 Citizenship

Learning about Human rights and caring for the environment; exploring the role of groups within the local community and appreciating community diversity; looking at the role of local government

Y4 Economic wellbeing

Exploring: choices associated spending, what makes something good value for money, career aspirations and what influences career choices

Year 4: Transition lesson

Helping Year 4 pupils prepare for the transition into Year 5 and the changes, challenges and opportunities this brings


I just wanted to let you know that I had a recent Ofsted inspection. PSHE/RSE was chosen. I could talk enthusiastically about Kapow and confidently show the coverage of the statutory elements- they were impressed. I love your schemes of work and detailed plans. So I just wanted to say thanks and well done. Also, would you consider writing schemes of work for EYFS?  This is something I would be interested in to ensure continuity throughout the whole school. Many thanks Mrs W (Mrs W, thank you. The answer is that yes EYFS will be available for RSE in late 2022!)

RSE and PSHE, Mrs W

Subject leader