Drawing: Marvellous marks

Exploring mark making through different drawing materials. Beginning to draw from observation using faces and self-portraits as a stimulus.

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Lesson 1: Mark making with wax crayons

Mark making with wax crayons, exploring textures in the classroom environment by taking wax rubbings and collecting patterns.

Learning Objective

To investigate the marks and patterns made by different textures

Lesson 2: Mark making with felt tips

Investigating felt tips as a tool for mark making and developing fine motor skills as they create patterns.

Learning Objective

To explore making marks with felt tips

Lesson 3: Mark making with chalk

Mark making outdoors with chalk, practising creating patterns in a new medium and identifying similarities and differences between the drawing tools used.

Learning Objective

To explore making marks with chalk

Lesson 4: Observational pencil drawings

Developing skills in observation, using pencils to draw and reflecting on whether their drawings show what they can see.

Learning Objective

To explore mark making using pencils

Lesson 5: Drawing faces

Creating self-portraits by applying their observational skills, using mirrors to draw their faces carefully.

Learning Objective

To create a simple observational drawing

Lesson 6: Drawing faces in colour

Comparing how colour is used by artists, applying what they have practised when drawing from observation and creating a colourful self-portrait.

Learning Objective

To use a variety of colours and materials to create a self-portrait

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