Units of lessons and teacher guidance to develop pupils' Art and design skills in the early years

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Beginning their Art and design journey in a fun, hands-on and developmentally appropriate way, our EYFS scheme is designed to enable children to strengthen key skills and explore new techniques and ideas. The scheme links to relevant outcomes and the Early Learning Goals taken from Development Matters the EYFS Statutory Framework, making it easy to ensure coverage and provide evidence. Created by Early Years and art specialists, the play-based scheme ensures a child-led approach to Art and design, with every lesson reflecting the ethos of ‘process over outcome’. Lessons have flexible objectives, making them easily adaptable to any topic, and contain teacher prompts, guidance on assessment and key vocabulary. Work and play alongside your children as they explore a range of media and grow in confidence as artists and makers. The units mirror the four key areas identified in our KS1 and KS2 scheme: Drawing, Painting and mixed media, Sculpture and 3D and Craft and design. Each unit provides opportunities for pupils to learn new skills, practise their fine motor skills and develop their vocabulary with subject-specific language.

Reception units

Drawing: Marvellous marks

Exploring mark making through different drawing materials. Beginning to draw from observation using faces and self-portraits as a stimulus.

Painting and mixed media: Paint my world

Exploring paint and painting techniques through nature, music and collaborative work. Developing creativity through child-led exploration of mixed-media, making collages and transient art.

Sculpture and 3D: Creation station

Exploring the sculptural qualities of malleable materials and natural objects; developing the use of tools and joining techniques; designing and making clay animal sculptures.

Craft and design: Let's get crafty

Developing cutting, threading, joining and folding skills through fun, creative craft projects.

Seasonal crafts

A craft for each season, including Easter and Christmas.