Verbs in a French week

Pupils learn the verbs ‘avoir’ and ‘être’, identify the infinitive and other forms of verbs, and learn to use the correct verb ending for different subject pronouns, whilst recognising that some verbs are irregular

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Lesson 1: French - action!

Recognising that verbs take different forms, including the infinitive and giving opinions


Lesson 2: Who is doing what in French?

Learning to recognise and use different subject pronouns and learning that verb endings change depending upon the person it's referring to


Lesson 3: French verbs in a spin

Pupils learn to choose and use appropriate verb endings


Lesson 4: French irregulars - to have and to be

To know that some verbs do not follow regular patterns and recognising the different parts of the verb ‘avoir’ and ‘être’


Lesson 5: A French week

To build and deliver a short presentation, choosing and using a range of action verbs