Verbs in a French week

Pupils identify the infinitive form of verbs, and subject pronouns, then group French verbs into -er, -ir and -re categories before learning the -er regular verb endings, practising with a set of regular action verbs; they discover that not all verbs are regular and learn the foundation verbs ‘avoir’ and ‘être’, and finally produce a short piece of creative writing to demonstrate their learning, which they present to the class.

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Lesson 1: French - action!

Practising bilingual dictionary skills, identifying the infinitive form of action verbs in French and recognising that there are three categories of endings for French infinitives; building simple sentences using, 'I like' and an infinitive.

Lesson 2: Who is doing what in French?

Recognising and using different subject pronouns and learning that verb endings change depending upon the subject pronoun.

Lesson 3: French verbs in a spin

Pupils make verb spinners and practise choosing and using the correct ending of regular -er verbs to go with the subject pronoun.

Lesson 4: French irregulars - to have and to be

Understanding that some French verbs are irregular and do not follow regular patterns, and learning the irregular present tense of the verbs avoir - to have and être - to be.

Lesson 5: A French week

Listening to an authentic French text telling a traditional fairy tale, practising using regular -er verbs and then producing a short piece of creative writing about a week in the life of a character, using action verbs.