French food - Miam, miam!

French food, cafés , ordering and menus -'Yum Yum'- or 'Miam, Miam'! This topic brings together several areas that pupils will have touched upon before as they use their knowledge of numbers in relation to money when paying for items in a café and their language detective skills to interpret French menus

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Lesson 1: Ordering food and drink in a French café

Children are introduced to France’s café culture by listening to a typical conversation and familiarising themselves with useful vocabulary


Lesson 2: Managing money in French

After recapping basic numbers, children develop their confidence when talking about different amounts of money


Lesson 3: French shops

Pupils learn the names of familiar shops and create a triarama to showcase their knowledge, including items that would be sold in them


Lesson 4: French food

To increase children's repertoire of food related vocabulary, they find out for themselves the words that they want to say


Lesson 5: French food - le menu

After reading and unpicking authentic French texts, children design and create their very own menus and take part in a food tasting activity


Presentation: Key Vocabulary and Pronunciation for Topic, French food- Miam, miam!

Open in presentation mode and click on the dots to hear the words in French