Children learn what ballads are, how to identify their features and how to convey different emotions when performing them. Using an animation as inspiration, children carefully select vocabulary to describe the story, before turning them into lyrics by incorporating rhyming words and following the structure of a traditional ballad.

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Lesson 1: What is a Ballad?

Children listen to and learn to identify the features of a ballad, understanding that ballads tell a story through song


Lesson 2: Performing a Ballad

Pupils learn to sing the song Space Oddity and consider how best to convey the emotions of the different parts of the story


Lesson 3: The Story Behind the Song

After watching a short animation, children pick out and note down the key parts of the story in preparation for writing their own lyric


Lesson 4: Writing Lyrics

Children write lyrics to tell a story; including a class chorus and a verse written as a group which focusses on a specific parts of the animated story


Lesson 5: Singing my Ballad

Using a backing track, children perform their ballad, with actions, as a class