Structures: Baby Bear’s chair

Using the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as inspiration, children help poor Baby Bear by making him a brand new chair. When designing the chair, they consider his needs and what he likes and explore ways of building it so that it is a strong and stable structure and doesn’t break again!

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Lesson 1: Exploring stability

Using a scientific approach, children test the stability of 3D shapes that they have moulded themselves and explore man-made and natural structures


Lesson 2: Strengthening materials

Children have the opportunity to build different paper structures while reinforcing their mathematical vocabulary, then test them to destruction!


Lesson 4: Fixing and testing Baby Bear’s chair

When Baby Bear’s chair is complete, pupils then test its strength and stability, using their problem solving skills to adapt their structure as necessary


Lesson 3: Making Baby Bear’s chair

Considering what kind of chair Baby Bear would like, pupils develop a design criteria which uses all their knowledge of building strong and stable structures and begin to make their chairs