Computing: Lower Key Stage 2

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Making use of great, freely available software, Kapow Primary's lessons develop pupils’ knowledge across five areas: Digital Literacy and Online Safety, Computational Thinking and Computers and Hardware.

Year 3

5 lessons
Networks and the internet - UPDATED!
Networks and how devices communicate
5 lessons
With attachments and cyberbullying
5 lessons
Programming: Scratch
Programming apps
5 lessons
Journey inside a computer
Inputs/outputs and purpose
5 lessons
Sharing information and the internet
5 lessons
Digital literacy
Creating book trailers
5 lessons
Top trumps databases
Understanding and using databases

Year 4

5 lessons
Further coding with Scratch - BRAND NEW!
Using variables in coding
5 lessons
ARCHIVED UNIT - The internet
This unit about websites and data transfer has been merged with the Y3 unit - Networks and the internet
5 lessons
Investigating weather
Researching and storing data and green screen video
5 lessons
Website design
Website creation and Google Sites.
5 lessons
UPDATED! Editing the HTML and CSS of a web page to change the layout of a website and the text and images
5 lessons
Collaborative learning
Google Docs, Slides, Form and Sheet
5 lessons
Computational thinking
Plugged and unplugged activities to develop the four areas of computational thinking

Sample lessons

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