Lesson 2: A French family tree

Children learn to name different members of the family on a family tree and use the correct form of the possessive pronoun, 'mon', 'ma' and 'mes'.

Learning objective

  • To be able to name different family members on a family tree

National curriculum

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Present ideas and information orally
  • Improve accuracy of pronunciation


KS2 Framework:

  • Remember, retain and recall words and phrases (O5.4)
  • Develop accuracy in pronunciation (KAL)

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Before the lesson

Download classroom resources

Teacher knowledge - language points

Attention grabber

Main event

Wrapping up

During the week

  • Introducing the family: watch the link: ‘BBC Teach: KS2 -Meet the family’, where Lili presents her family to Ben. Notice the use of the words for ‘your’ – ton, ta, tes, which follow the same pattern as mon, ma, mes.
  • Family fruit salad: for your PE warm-up, sit pupils in a circle with one child in the middle. Give each child a family member to be, for example,  mon oncle, ma mère, The child in the middle calls out a family member and everyone with that name has to run to a new space. The last person left goes into the middle.
  • Family web: Using the Activity: Family web, join words together to make a sentence about a family member. The second page of the Activity gives an example. Use a different coloured pen for each sentence to create a ‘web’.

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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