Structure: Playgrounds

This topic draws upon pupils’ skills and knowledge of structures, challenging them to design and create a model of a new playground featuring five apparatus, made from three different structures. Creating a footprint as the base, pupils can practise visualising objects in plan view and also get creative with their use of natural features and cladding for their structures

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Lesson 1: Design a new playground

After identifying various playground equipment, pupils explore the structures they're made up of before designing five playground apparatus using three different structures


Lesson 2: Building structures

Using their designs from the previous lesson, pupils build the structures for their playground apparatus


Lesson 3: Perfecting structures

Pupils complete the rest of the structures for their playground apparatus, developing and testing them as they work and adding the cladding


Lesson 4: Playground landscapes

Pupils secure their structures to their bases and create landscape features from a range of materials to compliment their playgrounds