Clearly structured and progressive Design and Technology lesson plans for Reception. Including teacher guidance to develop subject knowledge and to support your class as they become young designers.

Teacher guidance

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Reception units

Structures: Junk modelling

In this unit, pupils explore and learn about various types of permanent and temporary join. They are encouraged to tinker using a combination of materials and joining techniques in the junk modelling area.

Cooking and nutrition: Soup

In this unit, children explore the differences between fruits and vegetables using their senses (taste, texture, smell etc.). They listen to the story ‘The best pumpkin soup’ and discuss the key ingredients the characters used before developing a class-based vegetable soup recipe.

Textiles: Bookmarks

Pupils develop and practise threading and weaving techniques using various materials and objects. They look at the history of the bookmark from Victorian times versus modern-day styles. The pupils apply their knowledge and skills to design and sew their own bookmarks.

Structures: Boats

In this unit, children explore what is meant by ‘waterproof’, ‘floating’ and ‘sinking’, then experiment and make predictions with various materials to carry out a series of tests. They learn about the different features of boats and ships before investigating their shape and structures to build their own.

Seasonal projects

A series of seasonal projects to choose from to deliver across the year – covering Autumn, Christmas, Easter, Spring and Summer.

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