Lesson 4: Fixing and Testing

Free access during school closures. When Baby Bear’s chair is complete, pupils then test its strength and stability, using their problem solving skills to adapt their structure as necessary

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing that the chair designed for Baby Bear needs to: support Teddy; be strong, stiff and stable

  • Knowing how to create joints and structures

  • Evaluating the structure according to the design criteria

Lesson Plan

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Teacher Video: Making Baby Bear's chair

Note that this Teacher Video is the same as the Teacher Video in the previous lesson

Pupil Video: Making Baby Bear's chair using paper and tape

Pupil Video: Making Baby Bear's chair using straws and pipe cleaners

Pupil Video: Making Baby Bear's chair using recycled materials

Created by:
Vicki Risianova,  
Design & Technology specialist
After 4 years of being a TV and radio presenter, Vicki headed to the secondary classroom where she spent 12 years teaching DesignTo make, draw or write plans for something. and Technology as well as PE. Working as a subject…
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