This topic introduces the children to the concept of networks, allowing them to better understand how devices communicate. From identifying components, children learn how information is shared and deepen their understanding by exploring lots of examples of real world networks. As well as building this conceptual understanding, children develop other computing skills by creating an animation, video, poster and map

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Lesson 1: What's a network?

In this lesson, children learn what is meant by the terms 'network', 'device' and 'wireless', which are essential to their understanding of what a network is and its purpose


Lesson 2: Network safari

In this lesson, children take a tour around the school and identify different components of their school network and create a map to show findings


Lesson 3: A file’s journey

In this lesson, children create an animation to show their understanding of how a file is shared between two devices on a network


Lesson 4: Real world networks

In this lesson, children apply their knowledge of a file’s journey in a new context to help them understand how other real world networks operate


Lesson 5: The internet

In this lesson, children learn that the internet is a network of networks and create a video to demonstrate their understanding