French Speaking World

Pupils learn to give and follow directions in French and to use comparative language, which they practise as they explore different French speaking countries

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Lesson 1: Directions in French

Children revise compass points vocabulary and to use directional language to give and follow instructions to find treasure on a map.

Lesson 2: Where in the world is French spoken?

Learning that French is spoken in many countries, the children use their knowledge of size and colour adjectives and their compass points to read clues in French to work out where French speaking-countries are located in the world and what their flags look like.

Lesson 3: Treasures of the French speaking world

Broadening cultural understanding by exploring in more detail some French-speaking countries, the children read short sentences, matched with pictures and ask questions and make statements using , 'il y a...' to uncover which landscape and cultural treasure cards belong to a named country and which is the odd one out.

Lesson 4: Investigating climate in the French speaking world

Using language detective skills to help with listening to a real weather forecast in French, analysing climate data and applying it to decoded climate statements using comparative language, to determine whether statements are true or false.

Lesson 5: French globetrotters

Asking and answering questions about different countries in the French-speaking world