Planning a French holiday

The children learn to use a combination of present and near future tenses, and become familiar with holiday related vocabulary around packing a suitcase and planning a journey. They explore which countries they might visit and why and ultimately research and plan a holiday to France.

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Lesson 1: To go to France and other countries

Using the present tense of aller - to go and an infinitive, the children learn to form the near future tense in French, which they use to describe to which country they will go on holiday, and why.

Lesson 2: French in the near future

Consolidating understanding of the near future tense with aller - to go plus the infinitive, practising distinguishing between present and near future tenses, and building sentences using both tenses.

Lesson 3: Clothes for my French holiday

Consolidating knowledge of near future tense and holiday vocabulary, children recall their clothes vocabulary and create a short written composition explaining where and when they are going on holiday, what they want to do on holiday and what they are packing in their suitcases for their holiday.

Lesson 4: A French holiday translation

Reading a simple story about a summer holiday, demonstrating understanding of the gist of the text by answering questions

Lesson 5: Planning my French holiday

Planning a holiday to France, pupils use their research skills to decide where to go, what they want to do on holiday, how they will travel and what clothes they need to pack, presenting the information to the class.