The Holidays! En Vacances!

Recognising the present and near future tense in French. Listening and understanding.

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Lesson 1: Countries

Recognising the present and near future tenses Using the words for different countries in French and the near future tense, pupils describe where they go on holiday and why

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Lesson 2: Tenses

Using aller for the French near future tense Pupils identify present and near future tense using aller - to go, and give true/false responses to written sentences

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Lesson 3: Holiday Clothes

Using familiar holiday clothing vocabulary, pupils listen carefully and respond in French, speaking in sentences and writing full paragraphs

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Lesson 4: My Holiday Translation

Simple reading and translation through understanding Pupils read a simple story about a summer holiday and demonstrate their understanding of the 'gist' of the text through answering questions

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Lesson 5: Planning a Holiday

Describing places and things Planning a holiday to France, pupils use their research skills to present information

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