French football champions

In this football-themed unit, pupils develop and practise many important learning strategies that they can use in their future learning of other languages and subjects. Children develop their reading, speaking and listening skills, responding to questions about footballers, building to writing their own football player profiles in French based on research of a chosen player.

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Lesson 1: Football vocabulary in French

Using football and footballers as the theme, this lesson focuses on enabling children to develop strategies to become independent language learners, by exploring fun methods for learning new football-related French vocabulary.

Lesson 2: Footballer profiles in French

Using their language detective skills, children work out the meaning of further football-related words and then translate profiles of some real French footballers.

Lesson 3: French footballers - where do they come from?

Children explore words and phrases to say from which place or country a person comes from

Lesson 4: French football vocabulary tournament

A football vocabulary tournment encourages children to score points by recalling French vocabulary and English translations from the unit and the children undertake a French comprehension exercise to prepare them to write their own football profiles in Lesson 6.

Lesson 5: Creating a footballer profile in French

After concluding their vocabulary tournament, the children use their knowledge of football vocabulary to research football players, and use the information to create a football player profile in French and to write speech bubble texts for their players.