Rocket to the Moon

Through designing, building and testing their own rockets, children develop their keyboard and mouse skills, creating a digital list of materials, using drawing software and recording data, as well as developing their computational skills through sequencing and debugging a set of instructions

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Lesson 1: Rocket Materials

Children learn about different types of digital content before identifying the different parts of a rocket and making a digital list of materials they would need to build their own

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Lesson 2: Rocket Design

Children use online drawing software to design and label a rocket that they will make

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Lesson 3: Rocket Building Instructions

Using the computational thinking skill of sequencing, children work out how to order and adapt a set of instructions to build their rocket, understanding the need for them to be in the right order

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Lesson 4: Making a Rocket

Carefully following their instructions in the right order, children build their rockets, debugging the instructions if necessary

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Lesson 5: Rocket Launching

Children launch their home-made rockets, measuring how far they travel and recording the data in a spreadsheet or table to analyse

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