A topic of discovery; children will explore the rainforest through music and be introduced to new musical terms. They will also use a mixture of body percussion and tuned percussion instruments as the children create their own rhythms of the rainforest, layer by layer

Make your music lessons safer...

If you are using tuned instruments, you may want to consider ensuring that each child has their own beater which is sanitised between lessons and wiping down the boxes and keys each session and then quaranting them until the next lesson

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Lesson 1: Pitter Patter Raindrops

Listening to the body percussion piece 'Rain Sound', children are introduced to the terms 'structure' and 'texture' and tasked with identifying these features within the music they hear


Lesson 2: Rainforest Body Percussion

Children work in pairs to practice the ‘Boom, Snap, Clap’ rhythm using body percussion, personalising their sequence with the introduction of a 'stamp'


Lesson 3: The Rhythm of the Forest Floor

Children begin their rainforest compositions with the forest floor and understory layers, creating body percussion rhythms to suit the movement of the animals within each of the two layers


Lesson 4: The Loopy Rainforest

Moving onto tuned percussion instruments, children create ‘repeated melodies’ or ‘loops’ for the canopy and emergent layers of the rainforest, taking into consideration pitch and tempo


Lesson 5: Sounds of the Rainforest

Children combine the four sections of their compositions, building structure through combining rhythms and melodies and adding dynamics and tempo