In my French house

Pupils learn how to describe a house, the different rooms and who lives there. They also learn about prepositions to explain where items are arranged in their bedrooms and consolidate the grammar and vocabulary they have learned by writing a letter to describe their family, home and bedroom.

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Lesson 1: My French house

Practising listening and speaking skills through learning how to describe different types of house and the rooms in a house.

Lesson 2: My French house and family

Revising possessive adjectives and the rules for adjectival agreement, pupils combine their existing vocabulary knowledge of family members with their new vocabulary knowledge of house types and rooms in houses to write a short piece describing a house and who lives in it.

Lesson 3: Describing my French room

Pupils are introduced to new vocabulary to describe items in a bedroom and use prepositions to describe where objects are in relation to eachother.

Lesson 4: Where is it in my French bedroom?

Children play games to practise using prepositions before writing sentences to describe where objects are in relation to each other in a bedroom.

Lesson 5: A letter about my French house

Pupils write a letter to describe a house, who lives there and what is in a bedroom, consolidating the vocabulary and grammar learnt in this unit.