Meet my French family

This unit draws on vocabulary and grammar learned in Years 3, 4 and 5, introduces family and relations vocabulary, the possessive adjective, my, and how to express likes and dislikes. The children learn that they can compose a written composition by recycling and re-ordering known words and phrases and the unit culminates in pupils producing a piece of written work, in French, describing members of a family, their looks, their ages, their birthdays and their likes and dislikes.

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Lesson 1: My French brothers and sisters (free lesson)

Using language detective skills to match pictures and text to identify the words for brother and sister, using this information to match pictures, write short descriptive phrases to go with pictures and carry out a gap-fill exercise, to explain the numbers of brothers and sisters.

Lesson 2: A French family tree

Children learn to name different members of the family on a family tree and use the correct form of the possessive pronoun, 'mon', 'ma' and 'mes'.

Lesson 3: Describing my French family

The children piece information together from written clues to identify family members and learn to build descriptive sentences into a short paragraph.

Lesson 4: What my French family likes

Understanding and expressing simple opinions, saying what I, and others in my family, like or don’t like, using plural nouns with the definite article.

Lesson 5: My extraordinary French family

Understanding how sentences are constructed and how building blocks can be re-used and substituted to build a range of new sentences; using existing sentences to produce a written composition about a family.