Wellbeing: Teacher Skills

Our Wellbeing skills videos are authored by mental health experts and explore a range of the most prevalent behavioural and mental health conditions. They will help you identify common symptoms and also provide you with tips on how to work with affected children in your class.

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What is Self-harm?

Self-harm is described as emotional hurt manifesting itself as a behaviour in which people hurt or harm themselves to help deal with upsetting psychological or emotional hurt.

Self-Harm: Coping Strategies

Examples of effective coping mechanisms that can help a child who is self-harming and tips to help establish what their ‘triggers’ are.

Understanding Confidence and Self Awareness

By challenging negative perceptions children have of themselves and their ideas of perfectionism you can help a child to accept themselves and treat themselves as they would a friend.

Increasing Self Confidence and Self Awareness

Simple exercises you can introduce to your class to encourage their confidence and acceptance, including; daily positive reflection, self praise, visualisation and affirmations.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a group of behavioural symptoms; find out how everyday activities can be challenging for a child with ADHD.

Understanding Anxiety

Learn what anxiety is, how it makes people feel and the reasons why it can occur.

Helping a Child with ADHD

Learn how to focus on the child and not the condition by implementing these easy to follow tips to improve the well-being of a child with ADHD.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Find out about the symptoms people experience when they feel anxious or stressed, which can be both physical and psychological.

Anxiety: Thought Challenging

How to help a child replace anxious thoughts with more positive, realistic alternatives.

Relaxation Techniques

Concentrating on the physical manifestation of their anxiety, children can learn to relax and reduce their symptoms by practising mindful breathing; allowing their thoughts and feelings to come and go without getting caught up in them.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This video explains that ASD is a range of developmental disorders that also includes Asperger’s syndrome, which is caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences.

Asperger's Syndrome

The symptoms of Asperger’s can vary from mild to severe and as the video explains, there are some significant differences between this and autism.

What is Attachment

Attachment refers to the relationship that a child has with their caregiver and how this influences how the child then relates to others and feel about themselves, learn how attachments are formed and about the different attachment styles.

Attachment and Development

Discover some of the behaviours children with different attachment styles display and why.