Lesson 3: Nets and Structures

Children construct their nets to make 3D shapes to use in the construction of their castles in Lesson 4

Learning Objectives

  • Constructing 3D nets

  • Knowing that a net is what a 3D shape would look like if it were opened out flat

  • Constructing a range of 3D geometric shapes using a net

  • Cutting along the bold lines

  • Folding along the dotted lines

  • Keeping the tabs the correct size Making crisp folded edges

  • Constructing the net using glue to make a geometric shape

Lesson Plan

Creating nets to help construct a 3-D model
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Teacher Video: Nets and structures


3D shape Nets

Pupil Video: Nets and structures

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Created by:
Vicki Risianova,  
Design & Technology specialist
After 4 years of being a TV and radio presenter, Vicki headed to the secondary classroom where she spent 12 years teaching DesignTo make, draw or write plans for something. and Technology as well as PE. Working as a subject…
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