Unit 1: South Africa (Instrumental lessons)

Whole-class instrumental lessons on tuned percussion. This South Africa-themed unit develops pupils' rhythmic, singing and notation skills. 

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Lesson 1: Introduction to staff notation

Introducing the basic features of staff notation and music from South Africa

Learning Objective

To identify the basic key features of staff notation

Lesson 2: Minims

Recognise and play minims, creating a harmonic ostinato to accompany the song 'Put on your gumboots'

Learning Objective

To recognise and play minims by ear and from staff notation, moving up and down by step

Lesson 3: Semibreves

Increasing familiarity with staff notation, semibreves are introduced and children experience South African gumboot dancing

Learning Objective

To recognise and play semibreves by ear and from staff notation

Lesson 4: Crotchets and rests

Understanding that a crotchet is worth one beat and practising playing a rhythmic ostinato in a South African gumboot dance

Learning Objective

To recognise and play crotchets and crotchet rests by ear and from staff notation

Lesson 5: Gumboot dance

Composing and performing rhythmic patterns before a final performance of 'Put on your gumboots!'

Learning Objective

To compose rhythmic patterns for a gumboot dance

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Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. Use at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning and at the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources