Food: A balanced diet

Through their exploration of what makes a balanced diet, children taste test food combinations of different food groups. They will also aim to make a wrap that includes a healthy mix of protein, vegetables and dairy, and learn about the term ‘hidden sugars’.

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Lesson 1: Hidden sugars in drinks

After learning how much sugar goes into a variety of drinks (including 'healthy' juices), children learn how to categorise different foods into their correct food groups


Lesson 2: Taste testing combinations

Having undertaken taste testing of combinations of foods, children design a wrap of balanced ingredients


Lesson 3: Designing and making a wrap

Building on their taste testing investigations from Lesson 2, children design three possible wrap options before selecting their favourite and drawing and labelling their final design


Lesson 4: Making and evaluating

Children prepare and make their wraps, chopping ingredients safely using the 'bridge' or 'claw' grip, and then evaluate their outcomes