Intro to Python

Using the programming language 'Python', which is used in business and industry, children create designs, Islamic art and Mondrian-inspired art. They learn how to create loops and nested loops to make their code more efficient, while becoming more familiar with this text-based programming language.

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Lesson 1: Tinkering with Logo

In this lesson, children are introduced to text-based programming, exploring the capabilities and commands of the programme Logo and creating basic designs


Lesson 2: Nested loops

In this lesson, pupils will still be using Logo so they can explore how having loops-within-loops changes the look of their designs


Lesson 3: Using Python

In this lesson, children develop their computational thinking skills of decomposition to help them to recreate a picture using text-based programming language, Python


Lesson 4: Using loops in Python

In this lesson, children use loops in Python to create their own pieces of Islamic art, tinkering with different values to create different shapes


Lesson 5: Coding Mondrian

In this lesson, pupils learn about the use of random numbers, decompose a program and write an algorithm to create original pieces of artwork