Self-regulation: My feelings

In this unit, children are learning to explore and understand their feelings, identify when they may be feeling something, and begin learning how to communicate and cope with their feelings and emotions. 

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Lesson 1: Identifying my feelings

Learning how to identify feelings and associating feelings with different colours.

Learning Objective

To identify their feelings.

Lesson 2: Feelings jars

Using their understanding of feelings children create feeling jars and use them to identify and express their feelings.

Learning Objective

To identify and express my feelings.

Lesson 3: Coping strategies

Exploring coping strategies to help regulate emotions and identifying how characters within a story may be feeling.

Learning Objective

To explore different coping strategies to help regulate our emotions. To identify our own feelings. To consider the reasons behind our emotions.

Lesson 4: Describing feelings

Learning the appropriate vocabulary to describe different emotions.

Learning Objective

To explore the different adjectives that can be used to describe feelings.

Lesson 5: Facial expressions

Exploring different facial expressions and identifying the different feelings they can represent.

Learning Objective

To explore different facial expressions and what they mean.

Lesson 6: Creating a calm corner

Learning to identify different feelings based on corresponding facial expressions and exploring ways to moderate behaviour, socially and emotionally.

Learning Objective

To identify different feelings and how to moderate behaviour socially and emotionally.

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