Space exploration - in French

This unit transports children into space, developing their scientific vocabulary as well as their grammar. Pupils develop their listening and language detective skills, use figurative language and develop their sentence structure by adding adjectives, using prepositions and making simple adjectival comparisons. Links can be made with English as they use figurative language and write poems, Science and with our KS2 computing unit on space.

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Lesson 1: The solar system in French

Children are challenged to use cognates, context and background knowledge as part of their language detective skills to work out the theme of the unit and to create their own bilingual word mat of solar system vocabulary.

Lesson 2: French sun and moon metaphors

Children create metaphors for the sun and moon in French, paying close attention to using the correct indirect object to match the gender of the noun, and incorporate adjectives, making sure of adjectival agreement; they use the metaphors to write their own sun or moon calligrams.

Lesson 3: Comparing planets in French

Children practise building longer sentences, focusing on the correct indefinite article, adjectival position and agreement and then add comparatives to say whether a planet is bigger, smaller, hotter or colder than another planet.

Lesson 4: A galaxy guide in French

Continuing with making comparisions, children add justifications to their sentences about planets using 'because' to explain that a planet is hotter or colder because it is nearer or further away from the sun.

Lesson 5: French alien worlds

Children practise their listening skills and the comparative language they have learned in this unit to decipher descriptions of, and ask and answer questions about, alien planets.