Hanami Festival

This Japanese inspired topic looks at the springtime festival of Hanami, otherwise known as ‘The Cherry Blossom Festival’ which celebrates the fleeting beauty of spring flowers. Children use descriptive vocabulary to create a Haiku, put it to music and finally add percussion sound effects to bring all elements together before a final, group performance

Make your music lessons safer....

During the pandemic, you could adapt this topic so that the haiku is spoken and not sung. You may wish to sanitise the instruments and quarantine them between use.

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Lesson 1: Describing Blossom

After learning all about the Japanese festival of Hanami, children immerse themselves in spring blossom trees to come up with descriptive vocabulary to describe what they can see, smell hear and feel


Lesson 2: Sounds of Blossom

By creating sounds to represent their descriptive words from Lesson 1, children play the soundtrack of a blossom tree on a range of percussion instruments


Lesson 3: Blossom Haiku

Using their descriptive vocabulary about cherry blossoms from Lesson 1, children write a well-known form of Japanese poetry - the Haiku


Lesson 4: Haiku Melodies

Children compose a melody to accompany their haikus, working as part of a group and recording the notes as they work


Lesson 5: Haiku Performance

The lesson sees a culmination of all that the children have learnt as they sing the haiku to their original melody with accompanying sounds effects