Introduction to data

Pupils learn what data is and the different ways that it can be represented, both with and without a computer before developing their understanding of why data is useful, how it can be used and ways in which it can be gathered and recorded both by humans and computers

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Lesson 1: Zoo data

In this lesson, pupils are introduced to the term ‘data’. They will explore how we can display the number of animals spotted at the zoo.


Lesson 2: Picture data

In this lesson, children use online software to represent the zoo data from the previous lesson in a pictogram or chart


Lesson 3: Minibeast hunt

In this lesson, children will go on a minibeast hunt and use the data they have collected to create a chart or pictogram on the computer


Lesson 4: Animal guess who

In this lesson, children create a branching database of animals to enable them to play a game of guess who


Lesson 5: Inventions

In this lesson, children use their understanding of how data is collected to design a computerised invention to gather and record data