Year 6 Songs of World War 2

Developing greater accuracy in pitch and control. Identifying pitches within an octave when singing and using knowledge of pitch to develop confidence when singing in parts

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Lesson 1: Singing for victory

Using musical vocabulary to describe features of the music of WW2


Lesson 2: The White Cliffs of Dover

Pupils develop their accuracy in pitch and control and ability to sing with expression and dynamics


Lesson 3: Pitch up

Children learn how to identify pitches within an octave by exploring the pitch and tempo of the song 'Do-Re-Mi' and the war-time song 'The White Cliffs of Dover'


Lesson 4: Harmonise

Children use their knowledge of pitch to develop confidence when singing different parts and challenge themselves to sing something that is different to what they are hearing


Lesson 5: Let’s notate

In this final lesson of this unit, pupils will learn how to notate a melody using pitches up to an octave