Lesson 2: Rhythmic safari

Children listen to African folk music while you take them on a safari around the classroom, using their voices to imitate the sounds of the animals they meet, and learn to clap back animal rhythms in time to the music

Learning Objectives

  • Suggesting instruments to represent different animals

  • Describing music I hear and what it makes me think of

  • Moving and making sounds like an animal

  • Clapping back in time, a simple rhythm clapped to me

  • Recognising that music is shown through beats and notation

Teacher Video: Rhythmic safari


Animal pictures
Rhythmic Notation Powerpoint
Created by:
Laura Barr,  
Music specialist
In her 14 year teaching career, Laura assumed the roleA particular job you do as part of a larger task. of Music Lead, and was Head of Music in a large secondary school. Laura has a passion for working with…
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