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Art, Computing, D&T, Languages, Music and Wellbeing
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See how Kapow Primary can help ensure a clear progression of skills in the specialist subjects. Play the demo video for a quick tour or click below to see some example lesson packs!

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Schools can choose any combination of Kapow subjects. Unlimited log ins mean every member of staff can benefit from our time-saving resources and progress-inspiring lesson packs.

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Subject Overviews

Art & Design


Design & Technology

French languages curriculum



Resources to empower you to teach specialist subjects with confidence

Whether it’s Computing, Art, D&T, Languages, Music or Wellbeing, Kapow Primary’s specialist teachers empower you to teach with confidence and deliver engaging lessons that are designed to ensure your pupils progress.

Schools and teachers benefit from hundreds of bite-sized skills and demo videos, lesson plans, classroom resources, subject overviews and toolkits.

As primary teachers ourselves, we know just how challenging it can be to teach these lessons.  Let Kapow Primary help you.


Expert-led training. Time-saving lesson packs. Teach with confidence.

Each lesson pack contains...

A demo/skills video

  • Easy-to-understand visual explanations of key teaching and learning points from subject experts
  • Learn new skills with clear demonstrations of techniques
  • Develop your subject knowledge lesson-by-lesson
  • CPD for you: bite-sized and  subject specific


A lesson plan

  • Written by expert subject specialists to ensure progression of skills
  • Editable with clear, easy to follow layout
  • Packed with clear guidance on differentiation and assessment
  • Filled with activities to inspire children
  • Contains time-saving links to supporting media and resources





Classroom resources

  • ‘No preparation’ resources to supplement lesson plans
  • Huge variety of engaging and editable resources to suit all learners
  • Whiteboard presentations
  • Ready to print and use immediately




Benefits of Kapow Primary


Provide all staff with ongoing CPD across six subjects for a fraction of the normal cost.

Demonstrate consistency and depth of teaching across the full curriculum to OFSTED.


Develop subject knowledge and confidence in the more specialist subjects of the curriculum.

Significantly reduce your planning time, freeing you to focus on the needs of your children.


Provide children with a rich and deep curriculum, with engaging lessons and activities.

Unearth and foster new skills and interests, helping pupils realise their full academic potential.

"The lessons are clear and ideal for non-specialist teachers – you can’t go wrong!"
Heather Stirling-Wood, Teacher

"The French videos are great and the presenter was brilliant! I’m not a language specialist and I could really see myself using these!"
Liz Brown, Headteacher
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Meet Our Specialists

Susan Art Specialist

Susan Coles, Art & Design

Elaine Bousfield, Wellbeing

Cat Lamin, Computing

paul carney arts specialist

Paul Carney, Art & Design

simone languages

Simone Haughey, Languages

liz music

Elizabeth Stafford, Music

Tom Turnham, Design & Technology

belinda languages

Belinda Dean, Languages

Vicki Risianova, Design & Technology

Sway Grantham, Computing

Laura Barr, Music

Neil Garrity, Wellbeing

Richard Williams, Computing

simon art

Simon Chubb, Art & Design

Siobhan Morgan, Computing

Wendy Leverett Wilson, Wellbeing

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Expert-led training. Time-saving lesson packs. Teach with confidence.