Textiles: Pouches

Having looked at ways to join fabric in Year 1, children are given their first opportunity to sew in this topic. By making their own template, children can ensure that their pieces of fabric will be exactly the right size. With their fabric cut out, pupils use a simple running stitch to join two pieces together before decorating the front of it, according to their designs.

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Lesson 1: Running stitch

In their introduction to sewing, children explore different examples of textiles and learn a simple running stitch

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Lesson 2: Using a template

Beginning to think of who the pouch could belong to and what it should look like, children create a template and cut out their fabric

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Lesson 3: Making a pouch

In this lesson, pupils sew their fabric together using a running stitch and design what the front will look like

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Lesson 4: Decorating a Pouch

Using their design ideas from the previous lesson, children add decoration to their pouches

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