Portraits - describing in French

This unit is about describing someone’s appearance, including eye and hair colour and characteristics such as how happy or serious they are. The unit teaches the position of adjectives in a sentence and how the adjective changes to 'agree' with the noun it describes (masculine, feminine, singular, plural). Starting with the subject of painting and the Louvre in Paris to build cultural awareness, the children complete the unit by writing a description of one of their friends in French.

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Lesson 1: Portraits - getting French adjectives to agree

Children learn how adjectives change to agree with the noun gender and look at works of art from the Louvre Museum, broadening cultural understanding and practising the use of the correct adjective to describe whether faces are happy or serious.


Lesson 2: Simple descriptions in French

Pupils learn how to describe hair and eyes in this lesson and apply their knowledge in a fun guessing game.


Lesson 3: Describing people in French

Applying their vocabulary knowledge from the previous lesson, pupils write descriptions of other pupils’ drawings, taking care that adjectives agree with the nouns that they describe.


Lesson 4: Describing personality traits in French

Children learn words to describe personality, building their vocabulary by using a simple sentence structure and developing their understanding of how to make adjectives agree with the gender of the noun they describe.


Lesson 5: Writing portraits of friends in French

Using their learning and skills from this unit, pupils write a description of one of their friends in French.