Online Safety

This topic covers some serious themes to help develop pupils’ understanding of the importance of staying safe online, with children writing, designing, filming and editing stop motion animations for younger children to educate them about the potential dangers

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Lesson 1: Staying Safe Online

Children watch and discuss CEOP's 'Jigsaw' video about online safety, unpicking the different issues and areas of potential danger

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Lesson 2: Understanding Stop Motion

Learning about the animation software Stop Motion, pupils work in groups to plan a storyboard for their own animation about online safety

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Lesson 3: Starting my stop motion project

Using their storyboards from the previous lesson, children begin to create their animation using the software Stop Motion

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Lesson 4: Editing the Animation

Using video editing software, children edit their animations, adding sound to them

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Lesson 5: Film Review

Children share and review each other’s animations, looking specifically at how clear the messaging of them are, as well as the technical elements

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