Music: Lower Key Stage 2

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We make teaching music simple with engaging lessons based on popular themes, from animals and festivals to space and superheroes, all supported by teacher videos.

Year 3

Creating compositions in response to an animation (Theme: Mountains)

Listening to music and considering the narrative it could represent. Paying close attention to the dynamics, pitch and tempo and how they change.

Developing singing technique (Theme: the Vikings)

The children develop their singing technique. Learning to keep in time and work on musical notation and rhythm, the unit finishes with a group performance of a song with actions.


Children learn what ballads are, how to identify their features and how to convey different emotions when performing them.

Pentatonic melodies and composition (Theme: Chinese New Year)

Revising key musical terminology, playing and creating pentatonic melodies, composing a piece of music using layered melodies.


Learning about ragtime style music, Dixieland music and scat singing. Children create a jazz motif using a swung rhythm.

Traditional instruments and improvisation (Theme: India)

Children listen to a range of rag and tal music, identifying traditional instruments as well as creating their own improvisations and performing as a class.

Year 4

Body and tuned percussion (Theme: Rainforests)

A topic of discovery; children will explore the rainforest through music and be introduced to new musical terms.

Rock and Roll

Learning about the origin and features of rock and roll music, pupils learn how to play the Hand Jive and Rock Around the Clock.

Changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics (Theme: Rivers)

Learning to listen to changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics and relate it to something tangible and familiar.

Haiku, music and performance (Theme: Hanami festival)

This Japanese inspired topic looks at the springtime festival of Hanami, which celebrates the fleeting beauty of spring flowers.

Samba and carnival sounds and instruments (Theme: South America)

Getting a feel for the music and culture of South America, children are introduced to samba and the sights and sounds of the carnival.

Adapting and transposing motifs (Theme: Romans)

Drawing upon their understanding of repeating patterns in music, pupils are introduced to the concept of motifs.

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