Music: Lower Key Stage 2

Lesson plans and teacher videos to instill confidence in your teaching of Music

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We make teaching music simple with engaging lessons based on popular themes, from animals and festivals to space and superheroes, all supported by teacher videos.

Year 3

5 lessons
Festivals: Chinese New Year
Pentatonic melodies and composition
5 lessons
Around the World - India
Traditional instruments and improvisation
5 lessons
Original compositions to match an animation
5 lessons
The Vikings
Singing technique and keeping in time
5 lessons
Creating a traditional ballad
5 lessons
(Lessons available now, videos and resources following soon)

Year 4

5 lessons
Body and tuned percussion to create jungle sounds
5 lessons
Hanami Festival
Haiku - music and performance
5 lessons
Adapting and transposing motifs
5 lessons
South America
Samba and carnival sounds and instruments
5 lessons
12 bar blues and the blues scale
5 lessons
Rock and Roll
Pupils learn and perform the Hand Jive and Rock Around The Clock