• 100+ lesson plans, resources and teacher videos
  • Adopt as a scheme or adapt to your school's curriculum
  • Ensure pupil progression
  • Built-in CPD
  • NEW Alternative units to ensure ALL lessons are accessible on laptops, tablets and chromebooks
  • NEW EYFS units and lessons

Skills developed

  • Digital literacy
  • Online safety
  • Computational thinking
  • Computers and hardware
  • Cross-curricular application
  • Coding

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Our Approach

Our approach

  • Authored by primary computing specialists using free readily-available software
  • In-built CPD for teachers: learn as you plan
  • A full scheme of work, easily adaptable to your teaching needs
  • Clear progression of skills and learning throughout, EYFS, KS1 & KS2
  • Relevant cross-curricular opportunities

Introduction to Kapow Primary: Computing

Curriculum overview

Our curriculum overview shows how our Computing lessons cover the requirements of the National Curriculum and aspects of the EYFS goals 40-60 months.

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Coming soon

  • Alternative online, Y1 Programming Bee-Bots unit
  • More digital safety lessons (January)
  • Kapow Primary content mapped to the 'Education for a Connected World' curriculum (January)
  • Further guidance for non G-suite schools (January)
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Recently added

  • Alternative Y5 Programming: Music unit for Chromebook users
  • Alternative Y3 Digital literacy unit for iPad users
  • Alternative Y2 Stop motion unit us with devices without cameras
  • Alternative Y2 Stop motion unit for iPad users
  • EYFS units and lessons
  • New Y4 coding topic

What others say...

So glad we found Kapow computing! It has great lesson plans and resources that even technophobe teachers are happy to follow. It was great to find an affordable scheme that did not rely heavily on one type of hardware (eg iPads) but that offers full flexibility.



I love the ideas Kapow have given me to further develop Computing teaching in my school!

Thomas Pitts

These plans are really good, they stretch the children and also are modern and relevant. They are easy to teach. We loved the IOT work and have now passed our ideas for a SMART classroom on to our school council.

Elska Hughes

School Teacher

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