Around the World – India

Pupils are introduced to traditional Indian music. Learning all about the rag and tal, they listen to a range of examples of music from the country, identifying traditional instruments as well as creating their own improvisations and performing as a class. The topic can be made COVID-19 appropriate by sanitising instruments and omitting the singing in Lesson 5.

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Lesson 1: Introducing traditional Indian music and instruments

Children are introduced to traditional Indian instruments and music, including the key aspects of the tal and the rag


Lesson 2: Indian music: Playing a rag

Pupils read and play given notes then use them to improvise a rag in the style of traditional Indian music


Lesson 3: Indian music: Adding a drone

Children build on their group compositions from the previous lesson, adding a repeated background note known as a drone


Lesson 4: Indian music: Introducing the tal

Children explore the different pitches and timbres that can be made using drums and add rhythm to their group compositions


Lesson 5: Indian music: Performing Anile vaa

Children learn and perform a traditional Indian song using the knowledge and skills they have built throughout the topic. Omit the singing from this lesson in line with COVID-19 advice.