Year 6 Film music

Exploring and identifying the characteristics of film music. Creating a composition and graphic score to perform alongside a film.

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Lesson 1: Soundtracks

Pupils identify the characteristics of film music and appraise different musical features in a variety of film contexts

Lesson 2: Scenes and sounds

The children use Wallace and Gromit to identify and understand the composing techniques that create action, tension and emotion in the score of a film

Lesson 3: Following the score

The children use graphic scores to interpret different emotions in film music, make up their own graphic score interpretation and perform it to the rest of the class

Lesson 4: Composing for film

Children create a notation of their compositions with a graphic score, using their body, voice and instruments to create sounds to represent a given theme

Lesson 5: The soundtrack

The children bring together their skills from this unit to soundtrack film clips with their own graphic score