Shopping in France

Pupils learn to construct high numbers in French, develop food-related vocabulary through games, stories and role-play and build on their understanding of sentence structures, questions and phrases, equipping themselves with language they could use when shopping in France. They also develop their language detective skills, facing an entirely unfamiliar authentic French text.

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Lesson 1: French money, numbers and prices

Pupils recap numbers 1-20 and then tackle the big numbers to one-hundred and beyond, learning how the numbers are built in French and then practise their skills with some prices in Euro.

Lesson 2: French fruit market

Children are introduced to the French words for different fruits focusing on gender, the indefinite article and pronunciation, and use flashcards to play games to consolidate memory of the new vocabulary.

Lesson 3: Monsieur Mangetout's French food week

Through oral storytelling using the repetitive tale of Monsieur Mangetout, the children revise the days of the week and food vocabulary, and prepare their own versions for presentation.

Lesson 4: Shopping in French - how much?

Asking and answering questions used when shopping, pupils learn phrases such as ‘some’ and ‘I would like’

Lesson 5: French detectives in the kitchen

Children use their language detective skills to decode an unknown text in French, unpicking the meaning through context, identifying cognates and near cognates and recognising known vocabulary, before following the recipe to make ratatouille.