French greetings with puppets

In these introductory French lessons for KS2, puppets are used to help pupils learn how to introduce themselves, use appropriate greetings to say hello, good-bye and good night, and to ask and answer the question, 'how are you feeling?'.

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Lesson 1: French greetings

With the help of finger puppets, children learn and practise the formal and informal greetings for hello - bonjour and salut; how to say goodbye - au revoir, and how to introduce themselves by saying what their name is - Je m’appelle.

Lesson 2: French greetings - day and night

Children learn the appropriate greetings, bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit, to use for the different times of day and night.

Lesson 3: How are you feeling? - in French

Using 'smiley face flashcards', children are introduced to the different ways they can express their feelings and respond to the question 'Ça va ?'

Lesson 4: French finger rhymes

Children follow instructions in French to make finger puppets to perform a traditional rhyme and practise speaking in French.

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