French greetings with puppets

In these introductory French topics for KS2, puppets are used to help pupils learn how to introduce themselves, use appropriate greetings and ask and answer the question, 'how are you feeling'?

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Lesson 1: French greetings

Using puppets, children learn the greetings 'bonjour', 'salut' and 'au revoir', and to introduce themselves using 'Je m’appelle...'


Lesson 2: French greetings - day and night

Children learn the appropriate greetings to use for the different times of day


Lesson 3: How are you feeling? - in French

Using 'smiley face flashcards', children are introduced to the different ways they can express their feelings and respond to the question 'Ça va?'


Lesson 4: French finger rhymes

Children follow instructions in French to make finger puppets to perform a traditional rhyme.