Food: What Could be Healthier?

Focusing on nutrition, children research and modify a traditional bolognese sauce recipe to make it healthier. They will cook their new and improved versions, making appropriate packaging and also learn about the ethical considerations of farming cattle.

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Lesson 1: From Farm to Fork

Children learn how beef, the main ingredient of a bolognese sauce, is farmed and are made aware of key welfare issues surrounding the rearing of cattle


Lesson 2: What does Healthy Look Like?

Children taste test two bolognese sauces to compare their nutritional values. Then after researching variations of the recipe, they work in teams to decide on ingredients for a healthier alternative


Lesson 3: Adapting and Improving a Recipe

Teams decide upon the recipes they will make next lesson, using a nutritional calculator to see which are healthier, and writing ingredient lists and methods


Lesson 4: Mamma Mia! What a Tasty, Healthy Bolognese!

Children work together to make their very own bolognese sauces, following the recipe methods they wrote last lesson and designing packaging that promotes it as a healthy and ethical choice