Lesson 4: Drumming away to Africa

Using a metronome to keep a constant pulse, children practice reciting rhythms with varying dynamics and tempo, before following the pulse set by the 'master drummer' on the Traditional West African Djembe drum

Learning Objectives

  • Playing my instrument in time

  • Joining back in if I lose my place

  • Counting the rests (silences) accurately

Teacher Video: Drumming away to Africa

Note that this Teacher Video is the same as the Teacher Video in the next lesson


Africa True or False Fact Sheet
Drumming Away to Africa PowerPoint
Drumming Away to Africa Listening Activity
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Laura Barr,  
Music specialist
In her 14 year teaching career, Laura assumed the roleA particular job you do as part of a larger task. of Music Lead, and was Head of Music in a large secondary school. Laura has a passion for working with…
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