Structures: Constructing a Castle

Learning about the features of a castle, children design and make one of their own. They will also be using configurations of handmade nets and recycled materials to make towers and turrets and constructing a base to secure them ***NEW*** Knowledge Organiser

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Lesson 1: Features of a Castle

After learning the features of a castle, children design one of their own, deciding which 3D shapes they need to create it

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Lesson 2: Designing a Castle

Children follow a design specification to create a castle, labelling their drawings with the shapes and subsequent nets and recycled materials they will use to make it

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Lesson 3: Nets and Structures

Children construct their nets to make 3D shapes to use in the construction of their castles in Lesson 4

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Lesson 4: Building a castle

After creating the curtain walls of their castles, children make and attach the specific features of their designs, decorating and adding facades to complete the project

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