Mechanisms: Making a moving story book

Children experiment with sliders before planning and making three pages of a moving story book, based on a familiar story. They will draw the page backgrounds, make the moving parts and assemble it.

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Lesson 1: Exploring sliders and movement

Pupils learn about the direction of movements and explore the mechanisms required to make these work, by creating examples of side-to-side sliders and up-and-down sliders from templates.

Lesson 2: Design

Children plan their moving story books against a design criteria using differentiated templates, deciding on the backgrounds, moving parts, mechanisms and direction of movement required

Lesson 3: Construction

Referring to their design templates from Lesson 2, children make the various elements of their moving storybooks, including bridges and guides to restrict the movement of their sliders where necessary

Lesson 4: Testing and evaluation

Pupils test their finished storybooks with their target audience of Reception children and evaluate their end result against the initial design criteria

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Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. These can be used at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning as well as the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources

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